With SealEco as your partner, you will get access to more than 45 years of experience and knowledge. As a leading partner in our field, we are always able to provide the best solutions for your needs. References can be found all over the world- from arctic cold to desert heat.

Reference Gallery

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References – Flat Roofing Systems

 Prelasti Roofing System

 Long term durability study of Prelasti EPDM Roofing Membrane

 Superseal Roofing System

GreenGrid Modular Green Roof System

 Ecoseal Environmental Roofing System

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References – Geomembrane

 River displacement – Public Company Coal Mines Kolubara, Lazarevac, Serbia

 Silage cover – Cover of ground silo on Wapnö farm, Halmstad, Sweden

 Geomembrane applications – Various case stories

List of geomembrane references

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References – Basement Tanking System

 Basement tanking- Al Fardan Twin Towers, Doha, Qatar

 Basement tanking – Ancient Roman monument  “Domus Aurea”, Rome ,Italy

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References –  Facade Waterproofing

 Cladseal Waterproofing, Air Sealing and DPC

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